james l marshall – minima hotel artwork

December 10, 2014


When I was visiting Adelaide over the xmas break I photographed James L Marshall’s lighting installation artwork at the Minima Hotel in North Adelaide. The Minima Hotel commissioned 46 South Australian emerging and semi-established artists to design a room using the theme of ‘creativity & creation’. I believe it’s a great commissioning project for artists and a unique experience for guests to immerse themselves within the artist’s ideas.


The Artists statement by James L Marshall :

“‘During the wee hours, we’re all in this together, our spirits spooned like lovers’ bodies.’ – Walter Kirn

I’ve always found hotels to be uncanny; a transitional space where guests create their own worlds behind closed doors. In each room the occupant acts out a story and whether for business or leisure, rest, or love, a new set of values is adopted. In any given hotel, on any given night, dozens of these micro-narratives simultaneously play out—pooling to create a collective physic energy.

This energy hums through the night like the electrical networks connecting a city. For a brief moment every guest is connected and their stories intertwined.

Rather than presenting a definitive perspective, the space is exaggerated and invites guests to sink into their own alternate reality. The soft, bubblegum pink hints at a sensual encounter; the glowing, neon face a murmur of self-awareness.

Tonight we are together but at dawn we go our separate ways.”